Lisa Abernathy

Papercuts & Textile Art

My Work

My art explores the parallels between human emotions and the natural landscape.  I often commingle human and animal characters to tell a story.  Inspired by children's tales and folk art, the work is at once delicate, innocent and foreboding.  Both my papercuts and textile work represent a crossroads where old techniques and new forms meet, emboldened by contemporary devices and narrative.

In papercutting, I expand upon a historical lineage that arises from Germany, Japan and China.  My pieces imbue this art form with a modern narrative and unexpected images.  I first illustrate the piece, then painstakingly cut out each line with a knife - in effect, "carving" the paper to illuminate the work.  Audiences are often surprised to realize that the entire piece is cut from one single, unified piece of paper.  

Similarly, my textile pieces invoke "women's work" of embroidery, sewing and crochet to weave rich, three-dimensional images.  They invite the viewer to reexamine these forms of craft and appreciate texture.

Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. I am based in Charleston, South Carolina.  If you have any questions, please contact me.


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